Madness in my family!

Let me ramble on about my family!

My family consists of 4 members, the usual nuclear family size, father, mother, brother and moi. Right now there is an awkard air in my house, no one is really talking to each other and I am not on terms with my dad and brother. Both of them have an anger problem that I have grown tired off. So my solution (not really a solution) is to be silent and not give any remarks, which I usually do but this I learnt only made them more angry.

This different feel of air has been with us for the last couple of months but it really thickened a few days ago. Now, my family is loud in general, except me, usually in an arugument my method is giving the silent treatment so that the argument ends after the other person finishes their bikering. Though, my family decides that their voices need to be disputed for the whole street to hear to win an argument. Now, we argue a lot, every day and every hour. If we start a serious conversations, there is always going to be yelling involved.

I do not know if it is because I had a change of mind set or maybe because I matured but I decided that I have had enough. I have not talked to my father for three days and only said a few words to my brother. Now this may seem normal for some of you but I have a really close relationship with my family, indeed you can say I am very family orientated. My hours at home consist of joking around with my brother acting weird, crazy and teasing my parents. Will it every be normal again? Of Course. I started writing this a few days ago, so here is an update. Everything is well and normal again, there are arguments still everyday, but now I try not to get involved or raise my voice. I just sit and observe the situation which is often funny.

This took a few days to write when it should have been done in less than an hour, but I had chickens to look after (aha) oops!

Nini. x




This post is a bit of rambling about my thoughts on the book and it won’t be prefectly organised (I apologise). So I have been reading Anne Frank – The Diary Of A Young Girl, which I brought a few days ago. I used to real a lot before I started university and this is the first book I am reading as I finish my second year. I have nearly finished it but I also do not want it to end and realise that she could not continue on. Even though I know the facts, the book has been very thought provoking and actually gave me inspriration to start this blog. I agree with many of her thoughts that she has written like not being able to truly be honest about her feelings. It is so hard for me to express what I actually feel and sometimes it is easier to not say anything and indulge into it. Anne was truly a beautiful young girl. There are pictures in the book of Anne, her family and the others who took hiding in the house.

Anne and Peter’s friendship and closeness was something I looked froward to reading about everytime I turned the page over. From the start when Peter’s family moved into hiding with Anne, I hoped for a spark to arise between them both. It brought me great excited to read each of her diary entry but also sadness as I knew what awaited for her as the years passed. I have fallen in love with the poems and sayings in the book, my favourite being: “paper has more patience than people”. What a deep saying that is and I feel like I truly understand the saying. I have never been someone to share about my worries and talk deeply about something to even my closest friends. I feel like it can be a burden and bring great annoyance since so many people have little patience. There is so much space on a paper and so much time to fill the space and write on and on and on. It allows you to be more honest when your writing than when your speaking. When I am speaking to someone, my choice of words is so poor and completely different to what I was thinking to say. When writing, you have more time to think and get the right words out. You also cannot be questoned or interrupted which is an advantage and something I really like.

If you have not read the book, I really really really advise you to do so. Even if you do not like reading, just read one diary entry per day then (deal?). There are also a few films on youtube which are great but do not do justice to the book. It is now on my bucket list to visit the Anne Frank house and be able to see what I visualised as I read the book.

Enjoying your reading,

Nini. x



The Start

Hi, to whoever is reading this. Is that a good way to start? Probably is not, I feel very awkard writing this as I am not a writer nor is it my hobby. It is a sunny day as I start this blog and I am sitting in my living room on my sofa. Usually I would be in my room not leaving my bed but I decided to have a change this summer and realised it would help my back pain if I only use my bed to sleep in (sit with your back straight people). Okay, I am moving of topic now, anyways HI (: (clears throat). I have not started on my plans this summer, not that I have many but I guess this blog has been created. The decision was made today, exactly 2 hours ago that I would start a blog as I sat outside watching my chickens poop (gosh, they are always pooping). What will become of this blog? I do not know. Have I thought this through? Psstt obviously not. My mind is always busy, I have too many thoughs and I daydream a bit too much. Why not write a diary ehh? hmm, how about no, there is no way a diary will be kept hidden in my household. SOOO… this is enough for an introduction or is it reall an intro, but thank you to whoever reads for reading it i guess (shrugs). Okay tata (bye) 

p.s how does this work? heeellpppppp!!!

Nini. x